HABA Squalane II

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HABA Squalane II

Squalane II is extracted from a multitude plants .This pure and lightweight beauty oil gets absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Squalane in the skin is lost as we age, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Squalane naturally replaces this lost moisture leading to smoother, finer skin.

Created with safety, using high quality ingredients to be gentle on the skin.

- Keep the skin thoroughly moisturised while reducing pore visibility.
- Protects the skin from the drying and damaging effects of ultraviolet light and air.
- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles caused by drying.
- Leaves a silky smooth feeling that is not oily.

How to use:

Step1: Hydrate with toner by applying it multiple times.

Step2: Apply 1 drop of Squalane instead of moisturizer or milk while skin is still wet.

Squalane II can also be used for: 

Made in Japan