Haba Squalane II

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Haba Squalane II

Haba Squalane II

Plant-origin squalane 100%
Same quality as “SQUALANE”
The skin is moisturized and pore minimized.

Created with safety, using high quality ingredients to be gentle on the skin.

● Keep the skin thoroughly moisturised while reducing pore visibility.
● Protects the skin from the drying and damaging effects of ultraviolet light and air.
● Reduces the appearance of wrinkles caused by drying.
● Leaves a silky smooth feeling that is not oily.

How to use

Step1: Hydrate with toner by applying it multiple times.

Step2: Apply 1 drop of Squalane instead of moisturizer or milk while skin is still wet.

Squalane II can also be used for: 

Made in Japan