Jill Stuart Blooming Dew Oil In Blush (Limited Edition)

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Jill Stuart Blooming Dew Oil In Blush (Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Blooming Dew Oil In Blush (Limited Edition)

In stores August 4, 2017 Limited edition
2 limited edition colors

Like the colors of elegant fall flowers.
Oil in blush that flatters skin with luster.


★06 sweet camellia 
Sweet pink, like the folding leaves of the camellia
★07 seductive mum
Bordeaux pink, like the deeply-colored petals of a mum *Main color 

★Limited edition color

Product Features:
・Oil in blush with five colors and textures that can be freely mixed to give cheeks a lustrous finish. Creates a flushed look that seems to well up from within. Palettes of limited edition colors that can be layered however you choose.
・From top-to-bottom, 06 is a vibrant mix of coral pink, blue-tinged light pink, relaxed beige, coral, and pure pink, while 07 features a chic mix of pink-white, beige pink, vibrant bordeaux, lavender pink, and dark bordeaux.
・The “Glow Oil” formulation allows powder to offer a moist luster and translucency, coupled with excellent makeup hold. Blends as though melting onto your skin.
・Uses delicate pearls. Brings a delicate sparkle to your cheeks.
・Provided with a flat brush that feels smooth on the skin. Just a single stroke of the wide brush applies a close-covering layer. Use the brush as though polishing your cheeks to provide an even more lustrous finish.
・Limited edition design pairs a monochrome flower pattern with a burgundy pink base to create a cute yet alluring look. It brings to life the chic, sophisticated and unique worldview of JILL STUART.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Freely mix the five colors however you desire while taking a suitable volume onto the brush, test the color on the back of your hand, and then apply.

Beauty Essences:
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizer)

☆Design explanation
・The box is decorated with small monochrome flowers.


Made in Japan