JILL STUART Lip Blossom (Fall Collection)

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JILL STUART Lip Blossom (Fall Collection)

In stores August 4, 2017
22 colors, including 2 limited edition colors.

Freshness and color like flower petals.
Lipstick brimming with luxurious luster.


31 sweet gerbera 
Vivid sweet pink, like a gerbera (non-pearl)
32 mandevilla dress 
Gorgeous coral pink, like a mandevilla 
33 cherry blossom 
Fleeting and faint petal pink, like cherry blossoms (non-pearl)
34 petit cherry 
Mild red, like a small fresh cherry
35 feminine lilac 
Elegant feminine pink, like a lilac
36 blooming daisy 
Pure pink, like daisies in full bloom (non-pearl)
37 peony party 
Happy party pink, like a brilliant peony (non-pearl)
38 tulip red 
Innocent red, like a tulip (non-pearl)
39 bouquet 
Reddish pink that summons up the happiness of flowers (non-pearl)*Main color
40 dahlia rouge 
Deep red, like a crimson dahlia (non-pearl)
41 precious carnation 
Misty pink, like a joyful carnation 
42 mellow rose 
Chic and elegant mellow pink, like a rose (non-pearl)
43 casablanca voyage 
Classy warm beige, like Casablanca 
44 tender mum 
Gentle pinkish brown, like mum petals (non-pearl)
45 seductive amaryllis 
Captivating Bordeaux red, like an amaryllis (non-pearl)
46 lady anemone 
Feminine deep burgundy, like an anemone (non-pearl)
47 violet melody 
Violet pink with a hint of blue, like a violet (non-pearl)
48 princess orchid 
Vivid blue pink that evokes a graceful orchid 
★49 twinkle marguerite
Dazzling and bright twinkle pink, like a marguerite
50 dazzling poinsettia 
Dazzling pure red, like a poinsettia 
51 mimosa shower 
Coral pink, like mimosa sparkling in the light
★52 flower crown
Vivid and unique magic pink, like a crown of flowers (non-pearl)

★Limited edition color

Product Features:
・Lipstick with a light and soft touch, like placing flower petals on your lips. "Shine & moist type" lipstick brings color with fresh luster and translucence. Available in 22 different variations of pink, allowing you to find your perfect pink.
・Richly formulated with paste oils that melt at body temperature. Has the creaminess of lip cream, and spreads smoothly onto lips.
・New Glow Shine Oil achieves luxurious luster and high translucence. Excellent moisturizing effect creates a soft and moist finish, for less conspicuous lip lines or chapped skin.
・Colors are pure with high translucence. A thick, uniform layer imparts lips with a plump and feminine form.
・The container is designed to look like a gorgeous bouquet. The segment shaped like a bundled bouquet is accented with a Swarovski rhinestone, while a relief of four flowers blooms atop a secret mirror. The body features a relief of vertical stripes in a vintage-modern style.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.


Beauty Essences:
・Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizer)

☆Explanation of cap design
・Press the four-flower motif on top of the cap and, along with a J logo, a secret mirror appears.

Made in Japan