Jill Stuart Pouch(Fluffy Flower)

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Jill Stuart Pouch(Fluffy Flower)

Jill Stuart Pouch(Fluffy Flower)

Designed like flowers as light as fluff.
A lovely limited-edition pouch with sparkling crystal.

In stores January 5, 2018 Limited edition 

*Pouch size: Approx. W200 x H130 x D67mm

Product features:
・This limited-edition cosmetics pouch features a textile pattern designed like fluffy flowers, and is accented with a crystal charm. The size is especially suited to storing JILL STUART Loose Blush.
・The outside features an antique textile with a fluffy flower motif created to evoke the JILL STUART Loose Blush Puff Stick, while the inside features satin material for an all-around light and soft design.
・The front of the pouch features a metal JILL STUART logo.

Made in Japan