Kanebo Milano Collection 2018

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Kanebo Milano Collection 2018

Kanebo Milano Collection 2018

This is the pre-book page. The actual product will be released on December 16, 2017.

Any other item of your choice CANNOT be shipped with this product together before December 16, 2017.

If you want to purchase any other product on our website, please separate your order and pay for shipping fee accordingly.

We have three version of this face powder:

1, Kanebo Standard Version (This version is sold in drugstores in Japan and it is not available in department stores. SPF 14, PA++, 30g. Set is not available)

2, Kanebo Twany Version (Available mainly in beauty specialty stores in Japan. A "Twany" logo will be printed on the case. SPF 14, PA++, 30g. A set with one extra refill is available)

3, Kanebo Impress Version (Impress is a skincare and base makeup line under Kanebo that is available in department stores in Japan. A "Impress" logo will be printed on the case. A set with one extra refill is available)

There are differences among the performances of the three versions of the face powder. It appears that the standard Kanebo version is the least hydrating but has the best oil-control efficacy. The Twany version is more hydrating and suits those with drier skin types. The Impress version is also more hydrating than the standard Kanebo version and has the best lasting power among the three. 



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