Maquillage Snow Beauty 2017

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Maquillage Snow Beauty 2017

Maquillage Snow Beauty 2017

This is the prebook page. The actual product will be released on September 21, 2017.

Limited quantity. Use in the morning to set your make up, and use at night as part of your skin care routine, this powder acts as both make up and skin care, for clear transparent skin. This year, it has been reformulated to fit better on the skin, give a better transparency to the skin, and with a non-chalky, moisturizing formula.

The puff for morning use is stored in the powder case, and the puff for evening use is stored in the drawstring pouch.

– Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder 2017 (1 shade, 25g, with two powder puffs and a drawstring pouch, limited edition)

There will be two availability options:

  • powder case & 1 x 25g pressed powder
  • powder case & 2 x 25g pressed powder

Made in Japan