Sekkisei Precious Snow Face Powder (Limited Edition)

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Sekkisei Precious Snow Face Powder (Limited Edition)

Sekkisei Precious Snow Face Powder (Limited Edition)  20g

***Prebook starts from now. Product will be delivered after 16th, May***


Crystalline snow falling on your skin. SPF 11, PA++

Diamond Snow is a special type of snow, beautifully lit up by the sun with a sparkle that resembles diamonds. This magical snow will bring change to your life, inside and out.

  • This face powder offers a fresh, translucent finish that resembles sun-lit snow.
  • Created using a special method of saturating the powder with oriental herbal extracts full of moisture and tenderness. Each grain of powder is drenched for maximum smoothness, making the powder melt on the skin the very moment applied.
  • Every grain is coated with amino acid, then fine-strained to optimize water retention and skin affinity. That is why the powder feels more like a SEKKISEI lotion than powder.
  • Contains Diamond Powder. The highly translucent powder reliably covers pores and unevenness, and looks great on any skin shade. It never looks chalky, even when layered, but always beautifully clear.
  • Resistant to sweat and sebum for a long-lasting translucent finish.
  • SPF11/PA++ to cut ultraviolet rays and prevent age spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
  • For all seasons. 

The product comes with two puffs. One is a thicker and fluffier puff for home use, and the other is a slimmer puff (stored in the powder case) for touch-ups.

Made in Japan