SUQQU Designing Color Eyes

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SUQQU Designing Color Eyes

SUQQU's Designing Color Eyes is an eyeshadow quad that helps achieve a flawless graduation. Featuring four shades that can be used induvidually or layered effortlessly with perfection, to give natural definition to the eyes. Enriched with silicone-coated powders and amino-acid coated pigments, itallowsan even application of colour and better adhesion to the skin for great lasting power. SUQQU’s new eye palettes for AW17 let you explore the beauty of striking, yet refined dramas created by light & shadow contrast. Enjoy the chemistry and unique harmony of these contrasting shades. Yoibeni 06 offers a mauve shade with a striking beetroot hue - the perfect balance of sweetness and sophistication.



Color 01 YUUSHAKUYAKU, 04 AYANADESHIKO and 06 YOIBENI are temporally out of stock.

Color 08 HIKARIKOGARE, 09 RYOUGETSU and 114 HANAAKARI will in store from 19 January, 2018.


Made in Japan