Addiction Special Pressed Powder

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Addiction Special Pressed Powder

This special powder gives you instant porcelain skin with a radiant glow.

ADDICTION presents a special powder that can be changed to suit each situation.
For a sophisticated shimmer with a delicate sparkle and porcelain-like texture.

Product Features:Porcelain White
■ Snowy-white pressed powder that won’t look unnaturally pale, providing a clear finish that lasts longer
■ Gives your skin a natural luster as smooth as porcelain
■ Unscented

Product Features:Sparkling Veil
■ Gives you glowing skin with a fine, lustrous layer that looks and feels like your skin is covered with a silk veil
■ Smooth texture and elegant, long-lasting finish 
■ Unscented

Beauty components
■ Rosa Centifolia flower extract, rosehip oil, olive oil (moisturizing)


■ Take the appropriate amount with the natural veil brush and apply to the entire face by drawing soft circles.





Made in Japan