Addiction Stolen Kiss Lip Gloss

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Addiction Stolen Kiss Lip Gloss

Hoping for a kiss from that special someone? 
STOLEN KISS gives you tinting that will make your lips irresistible.

AYAKO named this product after the irresistible allure that can be achieved simply by dabbing this product on with your fingers. 
The vivid colors create a gentle tint with the power to steal hearts.


Product Features
■ The color goes on just the way it looks, providing a beautiful and long-lasting finish
■ Smooth, moisture-rich feel
■ Fragrance free.
■ Contains emollient ingredients
(rose hip oil, organic shea butter, organic olive oil)


1. Take a small amount from the spatula and dab gently onto the bottom lip to tint.
2. Spread the color gradually by pursing lips or spreading with finger.
3. Apply STOLEN KISS ENHANCER first for greater smoothness and longer-lasting color.



001 ”Double Suicide”
A sophisticated crimson evoking an image of shadows

002 ”Desert Rose”
A sheer rose beige resembling the eternal beauty of a desert

003 ”Like a Dream”
A sweet cherry pink

004 ”Rich Girl”
A vivid, flamelike true red

005 ”Nightmare”
The ultimate burgundy red, with a captivating "nightmare" vibe


Made in Japan