Albion EX-VIe Ginza

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Albion EX-VIe Ginza


A revolutionary, luxurious moisturiser that mimics and harnesses the revitalising benefits of natural estrogen to deliver unsurpassed level of skin rejuvenation and radiance.

Estrogen plays a critical role in skin health and beauty. It promotes the production of collagen, making the skin moisturised, resilient, and lustrous.

ALBION Ex-Vie Ginza rebuilds the shape and colour of skin cells by powerfully mimicking the youth-giving and beautifying benefits of natural estrogen. 

Formulated with 19 botanical ingredients which impart regenerative benefits into the skin cells, experience "Venus Awake" as estrogen reaches its peak, creating a complexion of sublime fairness, clarity, luminosity. The skin regains its density, tone and elasticity as lines, age spots, yellowish and uneven tone fades.


How to use

Use as the last step of your skincare routine. Take a soybean-sized amount (approx. 0.3g) using the provided spatula and distribute across the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Massage onto the entire face.

Made in Japan