Albion Exage White Whitening VC Charger

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Albion Exage White Whitening VC Charger

1.0ml x 28

Supplying vitamin C persistently and intensively, this whitening serum achieves luminous and clear skin that is also white and fine-textured.

・Composite powder fits snugly against the skin and delivers a continuous supply of vitamin C to inside the skin. 
・Instantly loosens the stratum corneum to enhance penetration by vitamin C and other active ingredients.
・With a dewy, smooth sensation, it quickly penetrates the skin, leaving it smooth and fine-textured.


How to use

Use after Lotion/Toner. Shake the bottle well, pour the entire content in one bottle onto the palm, and gently massage onto the entire face. Use one bottle each time. Once opened, use the entire bottle.


Made in Japan