Albion Excia Al Renewing Cell Clarity Milky Foam

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Albion Excia Al Renewing Cell Clarity Milky Foam


This milky facial wash dissolves and removes aging grease, leaving the skin clear and luminous from deep within.

Completely eliminates aging grease*, a waste product inside the skin, while cleansing the face to reveal the impeccable clarity of each cell. With a rich, moist foam, it tenderly encompasses the skin with a pleasant sensation, leaving the skin clear and supple.

It also strengthens the skin's receptivity to beauty hormones and replenishes cells’ energy.

* Aging grease is waste produced on the cell membranes. As we age, lipids which form the main component of a cell membrane become oxidised, while protein becomes both oxidised and glycated. These two component are then entangled with the cell membranes to form aging grease. It is difficult to remove such aging grease and when accumulated, it causes the cell functions to decline significantly.

How to use

Take one to two pumps on the palm and lather well in cold or lukewarm water. Cleanse the face and rinse off thoroughly.


Made in Japan