Albion Excia AL Whitening Extreme Charge Serum Mask

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Albion Excia AL Whitening Extreme Charge Serum Mask

29ml x 6 pieces

Infuses the skin with generous amount of moisture and whitening ingredients to deliver bright, fair and firm skin after one use.

This whitening serum mask generously replenishes lost moisture and delivers whitening ingredients to the cells. It also instantly plumps up the cells to firm up the skin, while providing intensive whitening to eradicate yellowish skin tone as it instantly lightens and brightens the skin. 

With a rich texture, this serum mask fits snugly to the skin.

How to use

After using a Lotion/Toner, remove a folded mask from the foil bag and open it up gently. (When doing so, take note not to let it drip onto your clothes.)

Starting from the eye area of the opened mask, fit it around the shape of your eyes. Then work from the top to the bottom, pressing down on the facial contours until you have fitted it over the entire face. Adjust it using the incisions on both sides and underneath the chin part, and press it on gently with the palms of your hands to make the whole mask adhere neatly. 

Wait about 5-10 minutes, and peel off the mask. Massage any remaining thoroughly into the skin.


Made in Japan