Albion Excia AL Whitening Intensive Spots

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Albion Excia AL Whitening Intensive Spots


Precisely targets the roots of dark spots and even tattoo-like spots rooted deep inside the skin, thereby eliminating all dark spots. Available in a stick, the whitening serum creates perfectly white skin with absolutely no spots.

・Intensive Roots Whitening is a method to completely eliminate dark spots. It works on the “roots of dark spots” developed deep inside the skin, as well as “tattooed dark spots”* that have reached down to the dermis. The product completely eliminates dark spots and achieves perfectly white skin with absolutely no spots. 

・Works intensively and unfailingly on the targeted dark spots. Active ingredients are powerfully injected into stubborn dark spots.

・The lotion comes in a stick. It is easily targeted to unwanted dark spots. The stick perfectly fits against the skin and the lotion penetrates as if melting into it. A perfect solution for small spots.

・Strengthens beautiful skin receptivity whitening.

How to use

・Use during your morning and nighttime skincare routine. Night: last step of your skincare routine. Morning: before applying your foundation base.
・Apply 5 mm of the product to dark spots/freckles directly, targeting especially unwanted spots.


Made in Japan