Albion Infinesse Upsurge Solution

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Albion Infinesse Upsurge Solution

An advanced lifting serum that powerfully improves the skin elasticity and firmness, delivering a sharp contour lift that will visibly transform the complexion.

1. Fortifies and contracts the mesh structure of collagen fibers, thereby providing spring-like powerful elasticity and firmness to a slack dermal structure. It provides sharpness and a contour lift that will transform the complexion.
2. Replenishes rich moisture across the stratum corneum and supports the skin surface. UPSURGE SOLUTION instantly provides springy elasticity and maintains tight firmness.
3. The condensed base provides a satisfying lifting sensation while the serum, upon application, provides powerful elasticity from within and lifting firmness that visibly transform the complexion.

How to use

Use after lotion. Take 2 or 3 pumps on the palm and work into the entire face.

Apply over the face and massage from the center of the face outward and upward to achieve tight, firm skin.

Made in Japan