Albion Infinesse White Clay Gommage Mask

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Albion Infinesse White Clay Gommage Mask


Delivering the triple benefits of two different peeling agents plus clay, this massage cream-cum-face wash renews skin to produce a polished, brilliantly white condition along with smoothness and firmness.

1. Delivers the triple effects of two types of peeling agents plus clay. It removes impurities lodged deep inside fine lines and pores as well as waste products on the skin surface and stimulates the corneous cell metabolism, thereby regenerating smooth and firm skin with polished, brilliant whiteness.
2. As the thick clay base sticks fast to skin, fine scrub particles provide comfortable stimulation for a satisfying massage. After WHITE CLAY GOMMAGE thoroughly cleanses dead skin cells, the skin is made smooth and firm with its texture and pores tightened and endowed with a brilliantly white, clear complexion.


How to use

<Can be used in place of face wash>
Use once or twice a week.
Take a cherry-sized amount (approx. 3 g) onto your palm and massage over the entire face. Then rinse away with cold or lukewarm water.
For greater benefits, use the product with dry hands and face.
Avoid eyelids and the area around eyes.


Made in Japan