Albion Infinesse White Surge Solution

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Albion Infinesse White Surge Solution



Unfailingly preventing the appearance of visible spots caused by female hormone imbalance, this whitening serum achieves brilliantly white skin from deep within and makes it firm, sharp and lifted.

1. While rigorously preventing the appearance of spots due to female hormone imbalance, WHITE SURGE SOLUTION optimizes the hormone balance and achieves immaculate whiteness from deep within.
2. Working on both the dermis and epidermis, the product instantly and unfailingly lifts and contours the skin.
3. The refreshing and rich base delectably permeates as it provides a tangible lifting sensation. Upon application, skin appears noticeably whitened and is endowed with elasticity and firmness thrust upward from within.


How to use

Use after lotion. Take 2 or 3 pumps on the palm and work into the entire face.
Apply over the face and massage from the center of the face outward and upward to achieve tight, firm skin.



Made in Japan