Albion Protect Day Cream

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Albion Protect Day Cream


SPF 50+ PA++++

While delivering a superior UV blocking effect, this cream-cum-sunscreen makeup base rigorously stimulates collagen synthesis in the dermis by way of a proactive anti-aging care approach. It restores the skin to a firm and elastic condition.

1. Boosts the synthesis of collagen under daytime conditions and makes the skin firm and elastic.
2. Its remarkable conditioning effect prevents and fundamentally reverses UV-induced aging damage.
3. Curbs changes in skin tone induced by UV rays and prevents aging of skin tone when used in combination with another whitening treatment.
4. PROTECT DAY CREAM achieves the highest level of UV blocking effect with the exquisite texture of a skin care cream.

How to use

Take a moderate amount onto a fingertip, distribute it across the cheeks, nose and chin and spread evenly over the face. Follow with foundation.
Can be used for the neck and arms as a sunscreen.
Reapply as needed after perspiring or staying outdoors for an extended period.


Made in Japan