Canmake Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover

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Canmake Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover

For skin problems you want to hide ♥
A concealer stick offering superb wearability, hydration, and coverage

SPF50+ ・ PA++++
Outstanding coverage ♥
● Blends into your skin and clings tightly!
The formula has been designed not to run easily, so it stays in place for hours, completely covering up your skin concerns!!!
● Powerful coverage solves skin problems with just a small amount of product ♥
There's no need to apply multiple layers, so it never feels caked on.

Instant coverage for each skin concern! A wealth of color variations
● The wealth of color variations includes everything from shades to cover up skin problems like under-eye shadows, dullness, acne scars, and uneven color to shades with a highlighter effect that makes skin a tone brighter.
This versatile concealer stick allows you to choose the right shade for each issue ♥

Designed to banish concerns about dryness
● Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents
Hyaluronic acid, honey, artichoke leaf extract, witch-hazel leaf extract

Made in Japan