Canmake Crayon Matte Lip

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Canmake Crayon Matte Lip

Get the ideal lip line with a lip crayon ♥
Matte crayon makes your lips the star of your make-up

UV Shield
Contains moisturizing agents
Carefully formulated to be velvety-smooth
● Soft, velvety texture, for smooth, drag-free application.

Bold, high-color matte finish
● Just one application provides a bold, vivid coat of color - ideal for when you want to give your lips the starring role in your make-up.
● Matte texture, for seductively sophisticated lips.

Crayon format makes drawing your lip line simple
● With a slimline body and tip, this crayon makes it easy to give your lips the perfect outline.
● Creates the ideal lip shape, without the need for a lip liner.

User-friendly compact size and twist-up format!
● The compact size won't take up space in your make-up pouch, so it's ideal when you're on the go.
● Twist-up format means one less thing to worry about, because you don't need a sharpener.

Contains moisturizing agents

No need to worry about forgetting your UV protection

Made in Japan