Canmake Eyebrow Tint Jelly

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Canmake Eyebrow Tint Jelly 

Simple – just smooth on!
Stays on from morning to night! One-day eyebrow tint


Gel Type
Resistant to rubbing
Contains beautifying agents
Stands up to water, sweat, sebum
Simple – just smooth on ♥ One-day tint
● Now you can have fun changing your eyebrow make-up from one day to the next ♥

Natural-looking color and finish
● This luscious gel's clear texture gives your brows a tint that looks perfectly natural ♥
● Won't look out of place, even when used over the whole eyebrow ♥

Apply in the morning for a finish that lasts right through till evening ♥
● Once applied, the water in the gel evaporates, so the tinting agents dissolved in it add a stain-like tint to your skin!
● The gel remaining on your skin clings to it, creating a coating that stands up to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing, keeping the tint in place until you remove it again!

Long, flat tip ♥ Ensures even color
● The applicator tip is long and flat. This means that you can use the narrow part to gradually shape your brows, making it simple to get the look you want!
● Use the very tip of the applicator to draw fine lines at the tail of the brow, etc.
● The luscious gel goes on smoothly and evenly, ensuring beautiful brows ♥

Simple to remove with face wash
● Due to the nature of the product, some pigment may remain on your skin after use. Please use face wash or a similar product when removing your make-up.

Contains 10 kinds of beauty ingredients
(1) Rub the applicator against the mouth of the bottle to remove any excess from the applicator, then spread the gel from the center to the tail of the brow. 
(2) Without adding more gel to the applicator, draw in the head of the brow.
(3) Avoid touching or rubbing it until it's dry.

*Your brow hairs will stick to your skin immediately after application, but will separate naturally again once the gel dries.
*If using a powder or eyebrow mascara in combination with this product, please apply this first and then use the other products once the gel has dried.

Made in Japan