Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara Volume Plus

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Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara Volume Plus

Perfect curl with staying power! × Volume and delicate!!!
Create the eyes of a sophisticated lady with this carefully-formulated color♥

Stands up to water, sweat, sebum, tears, and rubbing
Contains beautifying ingredients
Perfect curl with staying power! Combat drooping lashes ♥
● Applied after using an eyelash curler, the ingredients in this oil-based mascara make your lashes less inclined to droop, giving your curl the kind of staying power!
● The superb hold of silicone film and wax keeps your lashes looking perky ♥

Fabulously fanned lashes ♥ What is "fine volume"?
● Fine volume is what we call the exquisite balance between fineness and volume, giving you long, beautiful eyelashes that still have more volume ♥
● This mascara contains a silky gel and a volumizing wax that together create fabulously fanned lashes with volume, but without clumping ♪
● The smooth fluid contains black fibers, to add length to the tips of your lashes!

The understated ladylike look you've been searching for ♥ It's not black. It's not brown. It's chocolate black
● Brown mascara tends to blend into the background too much, reducing the impact of your eyes, while black just isn't soft enough....
* Black fibers are usually added to make black mascara look jet black. A softness that you can't achieve with black and a wide-eyed look that you can't achieve with brown – this is what you need for that sophisticatedly understated ladylike look.

Simple to remove using oil cleansing.
● Contains ingredients that blend with your cleanser to make it easier to remove using oil cleansing! Reduces the burden on your lashes!
1. Curl your lashes with an lash curler
2. Swirl the brush inside the container to coat it with the fluid.
Placing the inside of the curve of the brush against the roots of your lashes, push upward and hold for 3 seconds to give the curl supreme staying power!
3. Sweep the brush smoothly in a straight line from the roots to the tips of your lashes.
The key is to ensure that you don't use a zig-zag motion or apply too many layers ♥
★★ On days when you want a bit more volume, you can create a wider-eyed look by applying extra layers ♥

Made in Japan