Clé de Peau Beauté Correcting Cream Veil

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Clé de Peau Beauté Correcting Cream Veil

A finish so radiant, it eclipses all else. SPF20・PA++



A rich creamy moisturizing makeup base that instantly smoothes roughness and visibly transforms the texture of skin. Creates a stunning complexion, veiled in radiance, with a look of luminosity emanating from within.

Product Description

Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture-stabilizing force that promotes exquisite radiance.
●Covers pores, fine lines, and uneven tone to give skin a smooth appearance.
●Helps makeup to resist dullness, wear, oil breakthrough, and changes in color throughout the day to retain a beautiful long-lasting finish.
●Offers long-lasting moisturizing effects to keep skin feeling dewy and hydrated.
●Provides a rich texture that mirrors the skin-smoothing benefits of a luxurious treatment cream.

How To Use

●Apply to face following skincare.
●Squeeze a small amount of cream onto fingertips and apply to five points (forehead, nose, chin, and both cheeks) on the face. Smooth evenly over skin.
●Allow base to set before applying foundation.

Made in Japan