Clé de Peau Beauté The Cream

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Clé de Peau Beauté The Cream  30g

Radiance becomes you.

A high-performance cream that incorporates key scientific discoveries about skin and promotes optimal conditions for the skin’s natural beauty cycle and the achievement of a youthful look. Delivers positive results instantly upon application. Maximizes radiance.


Product Description

Contains Illuminating Complex EX, a special combination of moisturizing and retexturizing ingredients that normalizes communication within skin based on Intuitive Skin Theory* and works to reduce the appearance of damage caused by environmental stress.
Delivers Retinol ACE, an effective treatment in wrinkle care.
Formulated with the intensive brightening ingredient, 4MSK (Potassium 4-methoxysalicylate).
●Developed with a rich texture that inspires a sense of luxury and enhances feelings of radiance and youthfulness.
●Delivers intensive ingredients quickly and reduces dryness instantly to advance the benefits of the skin’s natural nighttime activity.
●Increases moisture, resilience, and firmness by morning.
●Features special ingredients developed through studies in anti-aging that optimize conditions for the vitality of skin (Inositol, Rosemary Extract, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract).*
●Diminishes the look of facial lines and gives skin a firmer, more resilient appearance.
●Reduces visible sagging.
●Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and brings overall brightness and translucence to skin.
●Promotes skin vitality with continued use.
●Formulated with an exclusive clé de peau BEAUTÉ ingredient, Cellular IC Normalizer that enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system.*
●Contains a deep elegant fragrance of natural rose and rare orchid that further enhances the luxury of application.

How To Use

●At the final step of evening skincare, take a small amount of cream onto fingertip and smooth slowly over face.
●Following the illustration, press palms against cheeks and lift from the chin to the temple. Repeat 3 times (Illustration A).

Made in Japan