Exidéal Products (LED Treatment/Facial Massager)

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Exidéal Products (LED Treatment/Facial Massager)

Exidéal is extremely safe and latest photofacial device to use ultra-high brightness LED. Utilizes the absorption of light and also an efficacious programming system irradiates an object.

  • Use the 280 of 4 wavelength LED for ultra-high brightness light and ultra-high power. This high-performance and powerful beauty facial device is perfect for home use.
  • Our original photo-programming system was effectively combined with the 4 wavelength LED. The T-Zone-Care-Program is our newest technology and the latest invention in the beauty industry. It has 10 different programs for skin care treatments. 
  • A variety of the photo skin care programs can be performed easily at home without going to a beauty treatment clinic.
  • The Beauty-Facial device is extremely safe; non-contact, no ultraviolet rays, and painless.
  • Our optical design increases the lighting rate and is a high-performance structure. It is the world's first large-face-1 technology to irradiate extensive areas. 
  • It has an automatic-irradiation function called “Wake-Up-Mode” that automatically activates the lighting treatment upon waking from sleep. 
  • Changing from Sounde-Mode to Silent-Mode is an easy operation.




7 Different Treatments




  • Item's Stock Number:EX-280 
  • Specifications
      • Power Supply Type: Accessory Dedicated Adapter 
      • Rated Input Power(Power Source): DC24V 1A 
      • Power Dissipation:20W 
      • Standby Power Consumption:Under 0.3W 
      • LED Output Drive:5.7W(Maximum) 
      • LED Output Wavelength:420-970nm 
      • Weight:1.2Kg 
      • Product Dimension: Width 206mm×Length 300mm×Height 30mm 
    Optimum Temperature:
    Operating Temperature Range/-5℃~+40℃
    Storage Temperature Range/-5℃~+45℃
    • *Exideal Product/1 *Toner/1 * Dedicated Goggles/1 
      *Exideal Mini AC Dedicated Adaptor/1 *Container/1

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