Fancl Basic Nutrition Pack

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Fancl Basic Nutrition Pack

A nutrition pack contains a well-balanced of 26 kinds of vitamins and daily nutrition value. 

Components and raw materials

[Major component (per bag)]
Vitamin A: 1168μg, vitamin D: 1.8μg, vitamin E: 50.0mg, vitamin K: 5.0μg, vitamin B1: 8.3mg, vitamin B2: 4.0mg, niacin: 5.0mg, vitamin B6: 3.3mg, folic acid: 67μg, vitamin B12: 20.0μg, biotin: 166.6Myug, pantothenic acid: 10.0 mg, vitamin C: 200 mg, calcium: 58 mg, magnesium: 29 mg, zinc: 0.7 mg, inositol: 17 mg, vitamin P (hesperidin): 2.8 mg, lactobacillus: 3.3 billion pieces, DHA: 69mg, EPA: 6.2mg, beta-carotene: 2.3mg, alpha-carotene: 0.43mg, lutein: 3mg, lycopene: 0.8mg, zeaxanthin: 0.1mg, coenzyme Q10: 3mg
【raw materials】
Edible scallop shell powder, DHA · EPA-containing refined fish oil, starch, starch degradation products, (including soybeans) vegetable oil, lactic acid dry bulk powder, coenzyme Q10, vitamin K-containing vegetable oil powder, vitamin C, gelatin, cellulose, vitamin E , magnesium oxide, sorbitol, glycerin, lutein-zeaxanthin containing marigold pigment, beeswax, inositol, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, tomato lycopene, calcium pantothenate, calcium stearate, vitamin B1, hydroxypropyl cellulose, particulate silicon dioxide, zinc gluconate, niacin amide, palm oil carotene, gelling agent (alginate), du Nari Ella carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin P, caramel color, antioxidants (vitamin E, catechin), sweetener (scrub Over vinegar, acesulfame potassium), biotin, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D


※ This product contains soy and some of the raw gelatin. Please do not take it if you have a food allergy.

How to take

Take 1 to 3 small pack per day.

Made in Japan