Fancl Calorie Limit

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Fancl Calorie Limit

Daily intake: 4tbs

Newly renewed! Triple Block before any high-calorie meal

Newly added Green Tea Extract and added amount of Mulberry Leaf Extract are expected to block the body’s absorption of fats, sugar and excess carbohydrates even more than the previous Calorie Limit. White Kidney Bean extract works by inhibiting the digestive enzyme alpha-amylaze that it can block carbohydrates before they are absorbed. Now you can enjoy eating out without over-worrying!

Suggested Intake: Take 4 tablets before any high-calorie meals

*not recommended to be taken during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
*not recommended for children.
*Please consult doctor if undertaking medication or undergoing medical treatment before consuming the product.
*contains chitosan (shellfish) 

Gymnema sylvestre extract: 67mg (15% total gymnemic acid), mulberry leaf extract: 200mg, dove dragon green tea extract: 200mg, chitosan: 100mg, kidney bean extract: 4.8mg

Made in Japan