HACCI Beauty Supplement BEE+ HADA

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HACCI Beauty Supplement BEE+ HADA    

90 capsules

BEE+HADA is an enzyme beauty supplement that helps you feel refreshed and look great every day making both your body and mind lighter and happier. Why not start an inner cleansing regimen with this amazing supplement.

Detoxing your body is the basic way to get beauty Cleanse your "beauty avenue" with BEE+HADA! The organs in your body are all connected. Instead of taking care of individual organs such as stomach or intestines separately, you can enhance your health and beauty inclusively when you regard your body as having one long "avenue", which starts from the mouth where the food comes in all the way to where it comes out of your body. Focusing on this connected, single "avenue", HACCI introduces BEE HADA, an enzyme beauty supplement that is designed to work effectively throughout your body with selected enzymes and active ingredients. We also have added HACCI's unique bee-derived ingredients and beauty ingredients to ensure your body functions smoothly. Achieve true beauty from within your body.

- Supporting your daily routine with food-derived enzymes
We have selected only the finest food-derived enzymes including pasteurized kiwifruit powder, fermented grain extract powder and rice malt. Detox your body and feel refreshed every day.

- Focusing on intestinal environment
BEE+HADA also contains a combination of lactic acid bacteria powder and funori seaweed powder (dietary fiber), psyllium husk (plant-derived dietary fiber) and galacto-oligo saccharide powder to support your healthy lifestyle routine.

- Enhancing beauty with smooth flow
To create a well-balanced combination to support inclusive care for beauty and health, we have carefully selected ingredients including kuma bamboo leaf extract from Mt. Hakkoda, black vinegar powder containing an abundance of essential amino acids, zinc-containing yeast, and royal jelly.

Take three capsules a day with cold or warm water.
(The capsules can be taken any time of the day, but we recommend taking them either before or after meals for the best result.)

Made in Japan