HACCI Body Cream

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HACCI Body Cream

A rich blend of essential oils in a honey base. Ultra-high quality hydration. Like face cream for your entire body.

Contains rare, high quality, natural oils that give it a rich, luxuriant feeling.  

- Rich, creamy hydration from the power of honeybees

Blended with lavish amounts of honey, beeswax, and royal jelly extract for the ultimate in body hydration.
Meadowfoam oil* and squalane* help keep your body's skin smooth and supple.

- Rare, 9-oil blend to ignite romantic passions♥

Contains an original fragrance by HACCI to lift your mood and remind you why it's great to be a woman.
This optimally balanced blend of precious oils extracted from natural herbs from around the world is the perfect complement to help your feminine beauty shine.

- Rich, but not heavy

Although it feels like a rich, high quality face cream, it still spreads easily over the body with a light texture.
It makes body care blissful. *A moisturizing ingredient

Use hands to apply to areas of the body such as chest, arms, and feet. Spread over skin until absorbed.

Made in Japan