HACCI Body Oil

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HACCI Body Oil    155ml

Nurturing skin and loving yourself. A luxurious beauty regimen for the body.

Abound with nature's blessing of France.The "nurturing oil" to love your body!

- Changing desert-dry skin into an oasis. Stop dehydration and fully moisturize to nurture supple skin

Containing organic honey* blended with carefully selected plant oils such as helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, the formula spreads amazingly well, absorbs quickly, and helps nurture smooth, supple skin.

- Helping to form the silhouette you want. Become elegantly toned

The formula contains Pink Pepper extract**.
Gently apply and massage in to help tone the skin and nurture an elegant form.

- Like a girl, like a mature woman. An enchanting fragrance of a dual nature

From a perfume-like fresh, fruity top note that unfolds to a sensual base, the enchanting aroma embodies both pure charm and bold allure.

* moisturizing ingredient
** toning ingredient: schinus terebinthifolius seed extract

Take a sufficient amount and warm the oil in your hands. Apply to skin where you choose and massage in the oil in a circular motion.

Made in Japan