HACCI Bouquet Blanc Conditioner

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HACCI Bouquet Blanc Conditioner  240g

To give hair a soft, gentle glow With every wash, enjoy the gently enveloping sweet bouquet of white flowers.  The rich luster and golden shine of honey. The pure white flowers that delicately bloom. Each with a unique beauty, honey and pure white flowers have merged to create this chic shampoo & conditioner.

1. Smooth and cool scalp, bouncy and shiny hair Formulated with carefully selected silicone, this conditioner beautifully coats only the hair surface, without clogging scalp pores or follicles.  This conditioner helps maintain a healthy scalp that is smooth and moisturized, while also treating hair cuticles to give you shiny, healthy-looking hair.

2. Beautifying agents with excellent moisturizing effects for a lush coat Our well-balanced selection of moisturizing agents compose this effective formula, which includes 2 types of collagen (hydrolyzed collagen, isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen) *, organic olive oil, shea butter (shea oil) *, honey*, and royal jelly extract*. Your hair will be enveloped in a moisturized coating. 

3. HACCI's original sweet fragrance envisioning a bouquet of white flowers The floral scent is based on the image of a white floral bouquet with lilies, white roses, marguerite daisies, camellias, lily of the valley, white jasmine, white clovers and hydrangea.  As the scent is designed to naturally fade as your hair dries, it doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of perfumes for those who have their own "signature fragrance" to their taste.  

*A moisturizing ingredient


After rinsing out shampoo, lightly wring out the water in your hair. Apply a sufficient amount of conditioner (dollar coin size (approx. 8ml) to your hair, then rinse. Allowing the conditioner to set in for a while before rinsing will let the repairing agents to permeate more fully, and give your hair a silky finish.

Suggested Use

Use conditioner for approximately 1 month.


Make sure skin conditions are normal before use. If you experience an adverse reaction while using product, discontinue use. Continuing to use product despite an adverse reaction may worsen symptoms. If you experience the following, consult your dermatologist. (1) Skin becomes red, swollen, itchy, sensitive, or discolored. (2) The above symptoms occur when skin is exposed to sunlight. Do not use on skin with cuts, swelling, eczema, or other adverse skin conditions. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water.

Storage and Handling

Be sure to firmly recap the container after use. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


Made in Japan