HACCI Cleansing Milk

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HACCI Cleansing Milk    190ml

Experience five-star cleansing by HACCI. The road to flawless beauty begins with purification.

HACCI offers 3 incredible, honey-based cleansers. Choose which to use based on how you feel, how your skin looks, or how much makeup you have on.

Feels less like a cleanser and more like a luxurious beauty serum! Let its magic bewitch your senses.

- Keeps skin hydrated

Over 85%** of its ingredients are common in beauty serums, such as honey* royal jelly extract*, silk*, and olive oil* which gives it a unique, lush feeling.

- Not only cleanses, but nourishes skin

Enriched with argan oil (argania spinosa kernel oil),* vitamin E (tocopherol),* and other natural beauty-boosters to rejuvenate skin, wash away impurities, and leave you looking beautiful and radiant.

- Smooth, fragrant, blissful

Its soft and creamy texture makes it ultra-gentle and its sweet, sensuous aroma will help you relax so you can enjoy your skin care regimen to the fullest.
**Including water.


Massage a moderate amount of cleansing milk gently into skin until makeup softens. Rinse with cold or warm water.

Suggested Use:

Should last about 60 to 90 days with regular use.


・Make sure skin conditions are normal before use. If you experience an adverse reaction while using product, discontinue use. Continuing to use product despite an adverse reaction may worsen symptoms. If you experience the following, consult your dermatologist. (1) Skin becomes red, swollen, itchy, sensitive, or discolored. (2) The above symptoms occur when skin is exposed to sunlight. ・Do not use on skin with cuts, swelling, eczema, or other adverse skin conditions. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water.

Storage and Handling

Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.


Made in Japan