HACCI Herb × Herb Conditioner

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HACCI Herb × Herb Conditioner    240g

Smooth to the ends, for naturally manageable hair. [Herb x Herb] conditioner

With protection that supports the shielding function while also providing scalp care. Providing ample moisturization for the scalp in order to nurture the base for the growth of healthy hair. After rinsing, hair will have bounce at the roots, and a silky smooth feel through fingers without tangles to the very ends. Whether long or short, experience the feel of detangled, virgin-like hair. The conditioner that lets your enjoy the liberation in your forest of freedom.

Moisturizing herbs that protects & cleanses hair
- Just like skin care, providing treatment and protection to the scalp that's vulnerable to UV damage.

Honey & beautifying agents that fully moisturizes both hair and scalp
- A new approach to nurturing beautiful hair.
- Developing a healthy, toned scalp environment.
- Angelica keiskei leaf/stem extract
- Sage leaf extract
- Artichoke leaf extract

Relax & refresh lavender & fresh peppermint fragrance
- A Surrounded by the fragrance of lavender and fresh peppermint, the everyday bathroom fills with a sense of freedom.


After rinsing out shampoo, lightly wring out the water in your hair. Apply a sufficient amount of conditioner (dollar coin size (approx. 8ml) to your hair, then rinse. Allowing the conditioner to set in for a while before rinsing will let the repairing agents to permeate more fully, and give your hair a silky finish.

Suggested Use
Use conditioner for approximately 1 month.

Made in Japan