HACCI Honey Collagen 30 Bottles Set

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HACCI Honey Collagen 30 Bottles Set

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With royal jelly & collagen The beauty energy drink to support your health and beauty

HACCI's concept of beauty is not just focused on the surface, but the beauty that shines from within. And that beauty can only be attained through a healthy body. Smooth blood circulation and a strengthened physical constitution enables you to glow from inside, and supports a lively lifestyle. Inner care is essential to let your beauty energy flow smoothly.

- Quality royal jelly and honey from the HACCI apiary
Treasured since ancient times as the secret elixir of longevity and eternal youth, the formula is a generous mixture of royal jelly and honey. Only high quality ingredients have been carefully selected from the HACCI apiary. 

- 5000mg of fish collagen, which has the top absorption ratio
With the cooperation of "Professor Collagen" in extraction, the formula includes 5000mg of high-grade collagen extracted from the epidermal skin of quality Arctic seawater fish. Another feature is the high absorption rate and lack of odor achieved through the utilization of leading purification technology.

- The optimal blend of beautifying agents, supporting beauty to naturally grow from within
In pursuit of total care of both beauty and health, our well-balanced selection of beautifying agents form the optimal blend. The formula includes Mt. Hakkoda-grown Kuma Bamboo grass extract, Cat's Claw extract (AC-11_) native to the Amazon rainforest, olive fruit polyphenol, yeast extract, biotin, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, lactose fructo-oligosaccharide and dietary fibers.

"Royal jelly," the special food for the strong and beautiful queen bee
Laying approximately 3000 eggs daily, the longevity of the queen bee is about 40 times longer than that of the worker bee. The secret to this incredible power lies in her special diet of "royal jelly" which is specially secreted only by young worker bees. Royal jelly is rich with nutrients such as quality amino acids, vitamins and minerals, all of which are essential in building up the human body. It's truly a natural power-food for beauty.

High-grade collagen from quality Arctic seawater fish
From the Arctic Ocean with a low level in pollutants, the fish collagen is extracted from the epidermal skin of Arctic seawater fish. Also containing 20 types of amino acids, uniform processing of low molecular collagen allows for greater absorption. Removing the characteristic collagen odor was achieved through the utilization of leading purification technology.

Following the recommended daily intake of 1 bottle per day, first have a 3-day trial run. 
Let drink cool in the refrigerator, and shake contents before opening the container. Enjoy the subtle sweetness of honey and the pineapple flavor.
The drink can also be mixed with soda water, or orange juice.

Made in Japan