HACCI Honey Face Oil

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HACCI Honey Face Oil 30ml

Golden Haute Couture Oil that Makes Your Skin and Mind Shine.

This COSMEBIO®-certified face oil fully deserves the favor of France. Sweet and gentle, yet possessing strength and the scent of essential oils, this 100% natural oil gently soothes and agrees with your skin. Refreshing and rejuvenating, the power of plants leaves your skin soft and shining.

Everything comes from plants

Carefully selected plant oils and honey make your skin shiny and moist.

Excellent permeability

A 100% pure natural oil gently wraps your skin and comfortably penetrates it.

Enchanting scent

Sweet and gentle, yet at the same time holding a commanding power, which expresses the different sides of women’s personalities.

How to use

Once or twice a day, apply the product to your face or neck and gently massage it in.