HACCI Honey Lip Balm

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HACCI Honey Lip Balm

Moist, honeyed, lustrous. Honey helps keep lips moisturized 24 hours, all day long.

No frills, no perfumes. A unisex design, a refined look for everybody. The creamy texture moisturizes your lips, giving them a plump, healthy shine. Supporting you around the clock, a lip balm for the sophisticated.

- A moisturizing sensation just like a honey facial pack
Rich honey, royal jelly extract*, vitamin C derivatives**, vitamin E derivatives***, and hydrolyzed silk* are all enclosed in an oil paste. The moist, supple feel is maintained for many hours, and without any stickiness.

- Milky and lustrous texture
Also including the moisurizing agent, squalane. The moment the balm is applied, the mixture almost melts upon your lips and soothes to give them a supple feel and natural shine.

- A simple unisex design for multipurpose use
Non-scented and without stickiness, this balm can be used for base makeup and overnight facial packs.
While also without color additives, the yellow tone is naturally derived from carrot root extract*. The simple, unisex silver-colored design makes it a perfect gift for everybody.
*A moisturizer.
** Ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate: moisturizing agent
*** Tocopherol acetate: moisturizing agent

Swivel out about 5mm from the tube and directly apply on lips. Please note, over-extraction may result in breaking the balm stick.

Made in Japan