HACCI Honey Ready! Pre Lotion

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HACCI Honey Ready! Pre Lotion

Are You READY? “HONEY READY!” The launch of a new honey permeation skin care regimen.

A new practice of pre-lotion skin care! The pre-lotion, to be applied before your usual lotion, will swiftly let the powers of honey** permeate the depths* of your skin, leaving your skin moist and permeative.

- Did the lotion just teleport into the depths of your skin?

Your skin instantly feels so plump, moist and soft, it almost feels like cheating. The smooth-textured lotion utilizes an ultra-fine particle emulsion technology, which helps to sink swiftly into just-washed skin, removing roughness and leaving your skin feeling smooth as silk.

- Set your skin up for smooth permeation

Daily damage to your skin undermines its natural cleansing abilities, leading to a pile of unnecessary particles. Lepidium sativum sprout extract***, Punica granatum fruit extract** and other fruit extract*** help reset the skin, making it clear and moist, supporting the skin’s natural functions.

- Start your day with the aroma of Honey and Rose

The sweet floral aroma of luscious rose and gentle honey are infused with dashes of juicy and spicy scents to create a playful fragrance.
*affects the topmost layer of the skin (stratum corneum)
** moisturizing ingredient
*** skin conditioning ingredient

After cleansing your face, take 4 to 5 pushes of pre-lotion from the bottle and gently massage into the skin of your entire face BEFORE applying skin toner.
※4 to 5 pushes per application

Made in Japan