HACCI Moisturizing Lip Balm

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HACCI Moisturizing Lip Balm    7g

The rich moisture of honey on your lips. Rose petal lip balm

Moisturizing lips with honey is the wisdom of women passed down from long ago. The beauty regimen of applying honey on the lips has now become even more lush and convenient as this moisturizing lip balm.

- Plump, moisturized lips with nature's blessing of bees

Bringing deep moisturization to your lips, the balm formula is composed of nature's blessing of bees, including honey*, beeswax* and royal jelly*. With every application, lips become fuller, plump and supple.

- Luxuriant Bulgarian rose honey

In high demand across the globe, Bulgarian rose honey* is another essential ingredient of this lip balm. Enjoy the gentle, natural rose scent.

- Pretty in petal pink

The subtle pink shade like a delicate rose petal combines with the delightfully soft, sensual texture.
*A moisturizer.
※ Includes organdy

Made in Japan