HACCI Perfume Shampoo

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HACCI Perfume Shampoo

With bounce, allure and shine

Here's a shampoo to give your hair fullness and bounce, with a natural luster. Enjoy the stunning difference to you hair with HACCI's Perfume Magic. "Red" and "perfume" are the key concepts of Perfume Shampoo. The theme color for package design, the beautiful red symbolizes the sophisticated woman. And, the "red" ingredients which evoke such beauty compose the shampoo formula. Permeating throughout, the magic of red cares and restores each strand of hair.

- Carefully selected beautifying agents bring out the allure of "red" magic
The shampoo includes "red" ingredients such as pomegranate fruit extract*, rosa multiflora fruit extract* and bilberry leaf extract*, which combine to quickly help repair hair damaged by coloring, while also protecting colors from fading.

- Non-silicon & moisturizing the scalp
The non-silicon composition thoroughly removes build-up, while natural vitamin E (tocopherol ) *and rice bran oil* ingredients moisturize the scalp.

- Sensual fragrance pyramid
Aromas which heighten the imagination and sensuality are an essential part of life. Just like perfume, HACCI's original fragrance gives you an enticing experience. At first, the top note is simple and innocent. Then, an alluring, rich and deep fragrance emerges, which gradually dissipates to leave a faint, sweet scent.

*A moisturizer.

After wetting your hair and scalp, pour a sufficient amount of shampoo (dollar coin size (approx. 8ml) onto your palm and whip up plenty of foam. Wash hair overall as if massaging your scalp with your fingers. Thoroughly rinse out the shampoo with lukewarm water.

Suggested Use:
Use shampoo for approximately 1 month.

Made in Japan