HACCI Royal Jelly Capsules With Q10

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HACCI Royal Jelly Capsules With Q10

Take in the blessings of honeybees in their entirety! Pollen, royal jelly and propolis are all precious nutrients brought to us by honeybees. HACCI’s series of supplements allow you consume the natural nutrients of honeybees in their entirety.

The combined power of royal jelly and Q10 for your beauty and health.

- Contains 800mg of high-quality royal jelly
Since ancient times, royal jelly, also known as “King’s milk,” has been regarded as a secret elixir for perpetual youth and longevity. Laying approximately 3000 eggs a day, the longevity of the queen bee is around 40 times longer than that of the worker bee. The secret to this incredible power lies in her special diet of “royal jelly” which is specially secreted only by young worker bees.
Royal jelly is rich with nutrients such as quality amino acids, vitamins and minerals, all of which are essential in building up the human body. It’s a truly natural power-food for beauty.

- Royal jelly added with coenzyme Q10 in easy-to-swallow capsules
The special capsules contain raw royal jelly; freeze dried to protect the ample nutrients within, and 15mg of coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is a substance originally produced and found in the human body. But as it decreases with age, it is worth supplementing regularly.

- Supporting the naturally inherent human power to become healthy
Supplements are an effective way to take in the nutrients your body needs and which cannot be consumed with food alone. The human body has an inherent power to heal oneself and become healthy. By providing the body with necessary nutrients in a balanced way, supplements can help support the body’s power to retain natural beauty and health.

Suggested Use:
The recommended daily intake is 3 to 5 capsules. Drink with water or lukewarm water.

Made in Japan