HACCI Sheet Mask

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HACCI Sheet Mask 

Hydration and shine from the power of honey. For beautiful, enviable skin.

One of the most common skin stressing activities is riding an airplane. With only 20% humidity and exposure to cosmic radiation, it's no wonder why. Fortunately, we've designed this sheet mask to keep skin hydrated during harsh conditions.

- Maximum hydration power from honey
One - honey draws beauty-boosting nutrients into your skin.
Two - royal jelly extract locks in moisture and keeps skin smooth.
Three - hydrolyzed collagen softens and moisturizes.
Triple action hydration to keep skin completely moisturized.

- Firm, youthful elasticity
Specifically developed to help skin cope with various environmental stressors.
Scutellaria baicalensis root extract helps skin retain elasticity while oligopeptide-6* aids the skin's stratum corneum layer seal in hydration for a youthful suppleness.

- Double the skin clearing power
Contains both peony extract * and broadleaf plantain seed * to keep skin clear while supporting elasticity and hydration

**A moisturizer.
Contains no Mineral Oil, Dyes, Fragrance, Paraben, or Alcohol.

1. Remove lower portion of mask from packaging and gently unfold.
2. Align opening with mouth, gently lift mask upward and fit to face.
3. Remove upper portion of mask from packaging and gently unfold. Align openings with eyes and fit to face.
4. Mask should make surface contact with your entire face.
5. After ten minutes, remove mask and gently rub in any remaining liquid on the surface of your skin.

・Make sure to cleanse and tone face before using mask.
・Mask is saturated with beauty serum and may drip when removed from packaging.
・Take care to not get serum on clothing.

Made in Japan