HACCI UV Mist With Honey (Limited Edition)

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HACCI UV Mist With Honey  

2018 Limited item. SPF30PA+++.

Moist and silky, the honey mist that protects with a watery veil. A non-chemical, water-based mist which is mild on the skin while protecting it against UV rays. For moisturizing and cooling facial skin! Enjoy relieving UV care, any time, anywhere.

UV protection with one push!

Non-chemical and water-based, the formula includes AQUACERIA_* to protect the skin against various damaging lights with a fine mist forming a gentle veil. Without any stickiness, the moisturizing comfort is maintained with honey** and hydrolyzed collagen**!

Protecting against UV rays and maintaining moisture for smooth skin

Ingredients include fomes officinalis (mushroom) extract*** and morus alba root extract*** to help maintain a clear complexion and firm, supple skin.

A light, enveloping scent of fruit and flora

The juicy bounce and airy sweetness of mandarin harmonizes with the graceful, gentle scent of jasmine to create a light, stylish aroma.

* combined UV ray scattering agent formula of cerium oxide, platinum powder and water

** moisturizing ingredient

*** skin-conditioning ingredient


Shake well before use. When spraying on the UV mist, keep the product about 30 cm away from your skin and spray as needed. Then massage in the mist by gently pressing your hand against your skin. It is recommended to re-apply the product every 2-3 hours in case you perspire heavily or spend many hours outdoors.


High in nutrition but not intended for children under the age of 1. Product may slightly crystallize. This has no impact on quality. Warm product in hot water before use. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in room temperature.

Storage and Handling

Do not store the product in direct sunlight or in a place with extreme high or low temperatures. Keep out of reach of infants and children.

Made in Japan