IPSA Control Base

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IPSA Control Base    20g

SPF20 PA++

This makeup base replenishes light which bare skin lacks and enhances the translucence of the skin. With the control of light and correction of unevenness, this base will make your skin even smoother as if a radiance came from within.
By having blue, yellow and red light reflecting in good balance, the skin become clear and radiant.

For skin with bad blood circulation that becomes dull and tired easily, pink is recommended. For skin with concerns of spots/freckles and UV damage, yellow is recommended.For skin that easily becomes shiny and rough on the surface, and whose stratum corneum lacks moisture, blue is recommended.

Non-comedogenic- and allergy-tested.
*Please note that this does not mean all users will not have pimples or have allergic reactions.

Made in Japan