IPSA Luminizing Body Clay

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IPSA Luminizing Body Clay


This for-body Clay removes roughness of the skin which is unique to the body and conditions the skin as if it has just been polished.
The product contains the Clay that closely adheres even to wet skin and the Black Scrubs that prevent multi-layering of the stratum corneum.
The product creates creamy, smooth bare skin by absorbing and cleansing of unnecessary stratum corneum on the skin surface as well as dirt deep inside the pores that is unique to the body and difficult to remove.
After spreading LUMINIZING BODY CLAY onto the skin, use an usual body cleanser without washing the Clay off and by doing so, the scrub granules reach every corner of the skin to create soft, smooth and bright skin.

-Moisturizing Ingredient Contains Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate


Made in Japan