IPSA Makeup Finishing Mist

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IPSA Makeup Finishing Mist


A Makeup Finishing Mist for discerning women who pay meticulous attention to the finest details when it comes to beauty. Helps prevent makeup from running, caking, or fading due to perspiration or sebum, rubbing off on contact with hair, hands, or face masks, or coming off on clothing. The Soft Mesh Veil formulation allows foundation to adhere tightly to the skin, prolonging the beautiful, silky, pleasant texture of freshly applied makeup.

<Method of Use>
- Shake well before using.
- Use over makeup. Hold about 20 cm away from your face, close your eyes, and spray 3 or 4 times over your entire face.
- When using on greasy or sticky skin, blot excess oil away with blotting paper or tissue paper before using the mist.

Made in Japan