IPSA ME Sensitive e

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IPSA ME Sensitive e   175ml

Although this is for sensitive skin, it also has a common function with ME (effect to inhibit the activity of "A-M enzymes") and helps skin maintain healthy moistened condition. 
ME Sensitive e will help sensitive skin maintain the healthy condition by keeping the strong barrier function and achieve skin filled with translucence that is smooth to the touch.

How to Use: 

After cleansing your face, place three pushes of the dispenser on the cotton, then smooth over the entire face.

Two Type:

ME Sensitive e 1: for delicate oily skin

ME Sensitive e 2: for delicate dry skin

IPSA ME (Metabolizer) Guide:

ME Regular: Moisturizing 
ME Extra: Moisturizing & Brightening 
ME Superior e: Moisturizing, Brightening & Early Anti-Aging 
ME Sensitive e: For Sensitive Skin

Made in Japan