Jill Stuart Airy Stay Brow Liner

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Jill Stuart Airy Stay Brow Liner


Beautiful brows that last all day long.
Extendable eyebrow pencil.

・Eyebrow pencil with a soft and light sensation of use, providing a natural finish that is also waterproof. Allows for beautiful eyebrows to be easily drawn without the pencil catching. 
・Four types to choose from to suit your hair color and makeup. Provide exactly the color as shown, creating a soft and innocent impression.
・The oil-based film agent creates a film that is resistant to sweat and lipids, for eyebrows that last beautifully all the way until the night.
・Waterproof type.
・Can be used in conjunction with Brow & Nose Shadow Powder and Mousse Brow Mascara for an even fluffier eyebrow finish.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.


Made in Japan