Jill Stuart Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation

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Jill Stuart Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation

Melts gently into the skin, for translucent, pore-free skin.
Lasting foundation for frosted-glass half-matte skin.

Product features:
・Features a light texture that melts into the skin, for frosted-glass half-matte skin that lasts all day.
・The entire surface of each powder particular is coated in hydration-retaining, moisturizing oil, so this foundation feels soft to use. Won’t irritate your skin, and won’t dry out over time.
・It contains compounds such as Airy Frost Powder and Light-fit Cover Powder, so while it covers pores and other problems such as uneven texture or discoloration completely, it’s not grainy or chalky, and has a natural finish.
・Enjoy a shine-free, dullness-free, translucent finish that lasts all day, with the power of sweat and sebum adsorbing powder.
・For the first time, JILL STUART will be available in 10 different colors, to suit a wider variety of skin types.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Prepare your skin with makeup base or similar, then apply a suitable volume evenly across your entire face with a makeup sponge or brush.

Beauty essences:
・Airy Frost Powder (pore and discoloration coverage)- Contains mineral powder & amino acid powder
・Contains rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil (moisturizer)
・Contains Moisture Essence and Transfer-Free Powder (to prevent color transfer)
*Airy Frost Powder is silica, Moisture Essence is phytosteryl macadamiate, and Transfer-Free Powder is mica and theanine.




Made in Japan