Jill Stuart Angel Pure Lotion

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Jill Stuart Angel Pure Lotion Blends into your skin as though being drawn inside.
Lotion that brims with moisture from one refreshing touch.


・Toner with high permeability, blending in easily and bringing you smooth and fresh skin.

・Chamomile extract, amino acid (serine) and glycerol formulation, with a refreshing texture and yet providing deep moisturizing.
・Tested for safety on children’s skin. Can also be used by children.
* For ages 3 years and up.
・Contains no artificial colors, and has been tested for causing allergies.
(Some people may still experience an allergic reaction)
・A rounded design with a matte quality, evocative of the product’s gentleness on your skin. The white bottle is accented with a pink scallop pattern.
・Sweet cotton fragrance, which combines pure sweetness with a powdery feeling.

Directions for use:
・Take a suitable amount on your hand or onto some cotton, then work it into your face and body.
* When using just on your face, use about a 2cm wide amount of product.

Beauty essences:
Moisturizers :
・Chamomile Extract, Amino Acid (Serine), Glycerol

Made in Japan